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Sunday, August 7, 2011

29 Broadway - 1613 - Adriaen Block & The Tiger

This week's NYC Historic Weekly Site is 29 Broadway. Following Henry Hudson's voyage in 1609, Adriaen Block commanded the vessel the Tiger under The Netherlands along with two other vessels under different men in 1613 while surveying the Hudson River and the surrounding Manhattan Island. While trading with local tribes, they decided to build basic housing at what is today 29 Broadway near the famous Wall Street Bull. This became more permanent when during the Fall of 1613 Block's vessel the Tiger burned while anchored in the bay.

During the constructing of the The World Trade Center a burned ship was found buried deep at the corner of Greenwich St and Liberty Street by a carpenter. That location would have been the original shoreline location (or beach) found in 1613.

Over the winter Block recruited local Indians of the Lenape tribe to help him construct a new vessel the Onrust or The Restless, a 44 foot long keel and 11 foot beam. They then began to survey the surrounding East River and Long Island Sound. Eventually he would go North to an island later named for him - Block Island.

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